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Coimbatore, where tradition meets modernity, and so does Chai N’ Gupshup 

“Life is better with tea”

We Chai N’ Gupshup truly provide the chai which incorporates into your regular life, we believe tea is more than a beverage,  it’s a lifestyle which paves the way to introduce our authentic traditional flavors filled with special aroma presenting a feast to your mood. 

Did you know drinking tea has many benefits? Tea calms the mind and soothes the spirit. If you want to live a happy life, then start by drinking tea.” 

The best event catering is now near your locality to grab your cup of tea and explore exotic dishes which are encountered with different tea stall counters with unique tea counter displays. We never forget to provide a perfect blend of Coimbatore chai and traditional flavors to your hands and outdoor events. 

“Chain N’ Gupshup – The epitome of food catering”

We Chai N’ Gupshup never stop producing unique flavors of chai but also come with the mind dashing event catering service with new ideas to your outdoor events. The Chai N’ Gupshup catering services make sure your taste buds dance with joy, the catering service we provide will be sweet and tasty just like our ‘Chai’, the greeting by us will be a memorable gesture to our guest with some polite smile encouraging a warm welcoming atmosphere. It’s definitely not gonna be a boring buffet with us, don’t forget to dig in to explore our exotic tea stall and eye-catching tea display counters which are gonna be a lively counter/buffet.

Chat Extravaganza

“Bringing authentic street flavors to your outdoor events”

When Restaurants have a well behaved tea party, going “OK OK OK”. But street food? It’s full of dance parties, shouting ” LA LA LA LA” and making your taste buds bust a move! Well Who needs a quiet sip when you have a flavorful dance!. 

Wanna know our secret formula?, it’s nothing but ‘People search for great food + We serve greatness = Perfect match ” and I guess we’re better in science because we know how to satisfy every part of your tongue with the ever lasting taste. For traditional chat lovers we have a separate section for you’ll, we welcome you to our “Snacks Aada”. Yes we showed all the magic in the culinary sections and we mean it for every Indian chatter , we also got Mumbaiya and Chat adda bringing the old authentic Mumbai street flavors to our Coimbatore people. 

Culinary compass

“Guiding you on a journey of delectable cuisine”

We have enough chairs and plates for any type of person, from singletons to megatons. Haunted with a single feeling?, just try our hot chai to feel accompanied by goodness, we have sweet dishes for sweet couples, a gang of four or six? Our affordable dishes will keep you engaged, for a family of four or five with kids you can try our milkshake, tea stall with unique flavors of tea and of course tea’s BFF coffee, even sweetness comes in a healthy way from us for calories counters yes we counted you too try out our green tea which comes with different flavor or black tea or ice tea.

Chai Stall Counters

“Make time, make tea”

Bad experience? Sorry it’s not in the menu, we got the best stalls and tea counters, designed with bright lights, moods up the environment around and make you feel that the food is dancing, in total the ambiance is just like your in a warm blanket in cold weather. 

So yes people, Thanks for reading our blog. Stay tuned for more incredible stories like this from us. 

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